Employee Testimonial


Cindy Lim

It’s been 10 years that I have been working in Wipro Consumer Care (LDW) Malaysia and it has been fruitful experience for me. I had started as a Purchasing Officer and now I have been promoted to Purchasing Manager. It is inspiring to work for a company that encourage growth and offers opportunities for advancement. I truly appreciate all that I have learnt from my seniors and I am proud to be part of Ginvera.

Ivy How Wan Yee

Working as part of Wipro Consumer Care (LDW) Malaysia had make me a better person in terms of execution on job b tasks and constantly achieving job fulfilment or satisfaction. With their core value of Intensity to Win has make us an outstanding company by gaining more market share and Brands Development & Advertisement Strategy has leads to the growth of the business. Company’s Vision, Mission & Business Strategy is clear and motivational towards the employee by constantly giving rewards, performance incentives and not forgetting trainings development in which well organized and beneficial towards employees. The sense of nurturing from young executives to become a Head of Department has make me feel proud and I’m glad I am still part of the family.

Liew Choong Yen

I’m honored to be part of the company. Company provided me a caring and friendly environment, help me to develop my leadership qualities and recognition that lead my career growth. Company also influence or impress me with the company core values of intensity to win and act with sensitivity to perform excellently that surpass our competitors in the market.

Lik Sing

I can really feel the intensity to win in this company through Sales & Marketing meeting or conference as well as daily operation. I also can see that the company is stepping forward in terms of employee training & development in order to equip us for better performance. It has been a great year for me in terms of learning & development as I received proper & sufficient guidance from my superior.

Lim Kit Chwee

Wipro Consumer Care (LDW) Malaysia is a great place to work which is very friendly & work as a team environment. The positive supports from colleagues, peers, superior and management team enable us learn from each other and continuous training provided by the company improve my technical skills and soft skills. Superior guidance and coaching indirectly groom my leadership skills, the positive support from management team accelerate the business growth and employees hard work ben recognized.

Low Chen Heng

One of the company core value is Intensity to Win. The working environment in Wipro that focus on Respectful is really good. It also provide a very good training platform that will motivate employee to equip themselves with better skills for better achievement. Wipro appreciate employee through Employee Retention Program. It is a good company to work with the support from management.

Ruby Kick Lee Eng

I have opportunity working with people in variety professionals and it is challenging but a gratifying experience for me to develop my ability and career growth. It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offer opportunities for advancement.

Sheau Wei

I’m only a 2-year old “baby” to this big Wipro Consumer Care (LDW) Malaysia family. A lot of guidance has been given by friendly colleagues, helpful supervisors and even experienced senior management. It makes everyday a new learning day for me and motivates my working passion. I’m proud to become part of this big family. Hope that there will be another 2 years, 12 years or even 22 years for me to stay with you. Let’s grow together!


Right from day one what has fascinated me and keeps me motivated is the openness to share and promote ideas and the high level of integrity at each level applied and displayed among Wiproites. There is always a push and pressure to move in the right direction, towards a common goal, thereby making us revisit and innovate into newer domains. This in turn gives opportunity for those who seek to do things differently and is followed by recognition, growth and rewards. This is how I would like to summarise my journey with Wipro. Thanks to all my superiors for nudging me in the right direction and the management in giving the opportunities and confidence to handle any difficult situation.