George leads the Sales Team, Customer Service & Sales Admin Team (Order and Billing team), and Promoter team in Wipro Consumer Care (LDW)

He is a Distinction Graduate from Bachelor of Business double major in Marketing & International Trade from Victoria University in Melbourne , Australia.

George first joined Wipro Unza (WUM) in 2017 as Channel Head – Hypermarkets and subsequently his portfolio expanded to responsible for Supermarket segment (HTOs) as well in 2019, which became responsible for the largest sales portfolio in the company.

After various initiatives such as spend optimization, team structure optimization, elevate the team capabilities, growth beyond market rate, initiated and amplified data & insights driven business plans, George promoted and transferred to head the total Sales Team functions in Wipro Consumer Care (LDW)  

Prior to joining Wipro, he was working with Abbott Laboratories, Consumer Healthcare Business – started off as Area Sales Manager subsequently promoted to Key Account Manager and later on promoted to Group Key Accounts Manager before ventured out for higher responsibility. During the tenured, he drove several initiatives which won him 2 years of Best Key Account Manager and Abbott’s Global Award recognition.

Before George ventured into Modern Trade business, he has spent number of years in managing General Trade Business as Customer Development Manager in Kimberly Clark and other MNC.