Head of Operations - Michelle Shia

Michelle is the Head of Operations reporting to the Chief Operating Officer. A graduate of the Association of Accounting Technicians with over 15 years of experience in production planning, purchasing, and supply chain management in the manufacturing sector. She has been heading the Operations role since 2008 and the Purchasing, Planning, and Import-Export teams report to her.

Michelle is a seasoned professional in supply chain management with strong expertise in purchasing and planning. Over the past 9 years with the company, she has made a significant contribution to the overall growth of the business through efficient sourcing, effective negotiations, and quick responses in production planning.

Michelle is also a member of Wipro Group’s POR (Purchasing, Operations, and Resource) Committee and has made commendable progress on cost savings.

Michelle is a positive, persistent and approachable leader, who is capable of building strong business network for the success of the organisation.