Research and Development

Research and Development
The R&D Laboratory works as the centre of innovation to develop skincare products that are suitable for Asian skin. In addition, the lab also focuses on product and formulation development for the other categories the company operates in – personal care and household care.

Consumers can look forward to new products with exciting ingredients and actives, the best skin compatibility, superior sensorial profile and highest standards of safety and efficacy.

With continuous work collaboration between Wipro Skin Research & Innovation Centre and us, we uphold and maintain the high standard of product safety profile while complying to all regulatory requirements in Malaysia.

R&D Missions

  1. Lead new product development by R&D innovation in line with the latest science & technology.
  2. Develop consumer products with good quality in terms of stability, efficacy & cost effectiveness.
  3. Enroll in industrial oriented applied research in pace with the cosmeceutical era of beauty industry.
  4. Drive market trend by cosmetic science to create new consumer demand.
  5. Maintain high standard of product safety profile in compliance with regulatory.

R&D Working Principles

  1. Non-animal testing
  2. Non- animal base ingredient in product design
  3. Establish High Product Safety Profile
  4. Incompliance with ASEAN Cosmetic Directive (ACD) & EU Legislation
  5. Sustainability – Energy Savings and Green Packaging
  6. Work with Scientific evidences for Product claims substantiations